Fairy Tales in the News

Think Fairy Tales aren’t newsworthy? Think again! Check out these media highlights:

2/21/14: Salon‘s Laura Miller interviews Maria Tatar about the Fairy Tales, the Grimms and von Schoenwerth, whose The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales (translated by Erika Eichenseer) was just published in English.

11/12/14: The Guardian tells us that Jack Zipes’ translation of the Grimm’s first edition (1812) is quite different from what we’ve come to expect.

12/2/2013: As Csenge Zalka first reported in her blog about “Frozen,” Disney’s take on Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen,” so goes the New York Times report on the animated film.

11/14/2013: The Raw Story reports on an anthropologist’s study of the evolution of Little Red Riding Hood at Durham University, England.

8/6/2013: Dina Goldstein’s photographs of “Fallen Princesses” depict Disney princesses in their unhappily ever afterlives, Rapunzel on chemo, alcoholic Cinderella, Belle getting botox…

6/25/2013: Veronica Toney interviews Maria Tatar about why Fairy Tales seem to be making a comeback in this Washington Post Article.

6/21/2013: Five contemporary master illustrators have returned to childhood, illustrating their favorite fairy tale characters and commenting on the experience in this Guardian article.

4/16/2013: 101 Nights. No, that’s not a typo. It’s a newly recognized manuscript now translated into German. Arabian Nights has a smaller sibling.

3/4/2013: Maybe filmmakers should try sticking with the real fairy tale, as this review of Jack the Giant Slayer and other recent fairy tale movies suggests. (At least, to me!)

3/4/2013: “Gowns from the House of Sincere & Snark” reviews the new Broadway production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Note the reader reviews which mostly express disappointment.

2/28/2013: Review of Emma Rice’s magical new stage production “The Wild Bride,” a retelling of the Grimm’s Tale “The Handless Maiden.”

12/16/2012: Not technically “in the news,” but “in the newspaper,” this cartoon by Grant Snider advises you to “reinvest in fantasy.”

12/13/2012: A Danish amateur historian found Hans Christian Andersen’s first fairy tale, “The Shallow Candle,” in the Central National Archives in Copenhagen. Article in Politiken.DK includes link to the tale and updates (in English).

11/20/2012: Philip PUllman is interviewed by his teacher friend Monica Edinger on his new collection of Grimm’s Tales and oral storytelling.

11/02/2012:  Jenny Hendrix reviews Phillip Pullman’s new book of 50 Grimm’s tales for Slate Magazine.

10/19/2012: The Guardian‘s Ben Tarring invites you to Follow the Brothers Grimm on Germany’s new fairytale route.

10/12/2012: Jack Zipes reflects upon the legacy of the Grimm’s Tales in English and reviews Philip Pullman’s Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm and Sara Maitland’s unique feminist ecological perspective in Gossip from the Forest.

9/21/2012: Philip Pullman shares thoughtful insights gained from working on his project, retelling Grimm’s tales, in this essay from The Guardian.

9/7/2012: This Kiev Art Museum exhibit displays live Sleeping Beauties who each promise to wed the one who wakes them with a kiss.

7/23/2012: Joan Acocella explores the lure of the fairy tale for The New Yorker in “Once Upon a Time.”

4/6/2012: Jessica Goldstein considers Fairy Tales for theaters and audiences needing happy endings. in the Washington Post.

4/6/2012: Annilee Newitz asks “Why is Everybody Obsessed with Snow White Right Now?” in io9.

4/2/2012: Philip Pullman is set to put the grim back in Brothers Grimm. From Wales Online by Darren Devine.

4/2/2012: Alison Natasi lists Ten Classic Fairy Tale illustrators in Flavorwire: Cultural News and Critique.

4/2012: Indigo Ink Press announces their 2013 anthology Modern Grimmoire: Contemporary Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore. Submissions for poetry, stories, drama and illustrations open through September 1, 2012.

3/30/2012: From National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition. Snow White Rising: Why this Princess and why this moment? Neda Ulaby’s report includes insights from Maria Tatar.

3/24/2012. From New York Times, Harold Bloom reviews Marina Warner’s new Arabian Nights book, Stranger Magic.

3/21/2012. From New York Times, “‘Mirror, Mirror,’ ‘Grimm,’ and Hollywood’s Love for Fairy Tales,” by Terrance Rafferty,

3/17/2012. From The New Yorker, “Cinderfellas: the long-lost fairy tales” by Maria Tatar.

3/10/2012. From the Sussex Center for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy by Jack Zipes. An Extraordinary New Find? Jack Zipes on the 500 New Fairy Tales.

3/5/2012. From The Guardian, by Victoria Sussens-Messerer. Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany | Books | guardian.co.uk

3/4/2012. Saturday Night Live spoof of Disney heroines.

2/29/2012. From Slate, by Libby Copeland, Why I don’t want to read fairy tales to my daughter.

2/29/2012. Open Journalism Advert for The Guardian. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDGrfhJH1P4

2/27/2011. “From Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood, Beloved Children’s Classics as minimalist Posters,” by Maria Popova in Brainpicker. (Also links to sales page for iphone skins or cases and canvases of Christian Jackson posters.) http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2012/02/27/childrens-book-posters/

Vasilisa wants to know about magazine or news articles you think are important to fairy tale lobbyists. Use the comments box to share a link.


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tales in the News”

  1. Jenny Bhatt said:

    Ah, have you come across the Singaporean Fairy Tale re-tellings? I just wrote about that recently on my blog – rather interesting. http://storyacious.com/modern-fairytales-singaporean-style/

    Also, Philip Pullman has a new book out on Fairy Tales that looks like fun. The Guardian has a very clever and funny review about it that I think your readers will enjoy if they haven’t seen it yet. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/sep/03/grimm-tales-philip-pullman-review

    • Jenny — Thanks for the shout out in your blog post! And … I’m unclear about the Pullman collection. Is this the paperback edition of the fairy tale book that was recentgly published…like, last year?

      • Jenny Bhatt said:

        Megan, my bad. Yes, it is the paperback edition of the book that was published last year – it was a late night when I posted. :) Thanks for clarifying.

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