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“The hospitality at this Fairy Tale Lobby couldn’t be warmer!”

…when one simpleton looked at the other simpleton and said, “Hey, let’s start a fairy tale discussion group.”

“Good idea!” replied her companion. “I like talking about fairy tales about as much as I like talking about … about anything! So. Let’s discuss.”

She sat herself down on the nearest tree stump and looked expectantly at her companion. She was the simpler of the two simpletons.

“No. I don’t mean let’s talk about fairy tales right here and now. What I mean is, lets invite our friends who love fairy tales to think and write and talk and … discuss them all together.”

“Good idea!” replied the simpler simpleton. “Let’s go get ’em and sit ’em all down in one place and start ’em talking amongst themselves.

The first simpleton heaved a great sigh and said, “Well, but that’s kinda hard. Because they don’t all live close by. I was thinking maybe we could write e-mails to each other about fairy tales…”

“Ooh-ooh-ooh!” said the second simpleton. “I’ll make a blog!”

The two simpletons pondered and posited, they predicted and postulated, and in the end they resolved to go and ask Enessen the wizard if they could become a National Storytelling Network Discussion Group.

Now, it may have been a short time and it may have been a long time, I can’t say, but at last they arrived at the wizard’s cottage, the magic words were spoken, and the enchantment descended upon them like a mist. They remained at the wizard’s cottage where they built a humble little fairy tale lobby.

“So now,” said the more sagacious simpleton to the simpler simpleton, “It’s time to deliver the goods.”
So, with the simple leading the simpler, we’ll meet you all right here at the Fairy Tale Lobby and invite you in to share … wondercake, a crust of bread, our magic beans … and we hope you’ll leave the gift of your comments.