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Warwick Goble's Beauty and the Beast. How "Fairy Tale" is that?

Warwick Goble’s Beauty and the Beast. How “Fairy Tale” is that?

Sagacia clicked on the email, and Simplia read:

Dear Simpletons,

Sorry! I know there are lots of Pittsburgs, and I should have put my state. (Actually, I might have except that it wasn’t consonant with Princess and Pittsburg!) I live in Pittsburg, Indiana, which is near Lafayette.

I so appreciate your gathering this list of folktale collections for me! As a way of saying “thank you,” I have taken the list Simplia typed on her little black Royal typewriter and transcribed it onto an electronic file (attached) for easier access, editing, and future additions. I’ve added in the new titles that came in recently as well as a few of my own favorites. (I can do that, can’t I?)

Thanks for persisting in your mission of lobbying on behalf of fairy tales. As you can see, it is certainly paying off for the 398.2 section of my village library!    

Princess of Pittsburg, Indiana

“You know,” Simplia said to her friend, “This is really an ongoing project. We should find a special accessible place for Princess’s list.

“Do you want to make a page for it on our blog?” Sagacia asked.

“That might work!” Simplia acknowledged.

Sagacia darted out of the room and returned in seven minutes.

“Done!” she announced.

PS from Sagacia: I did it! Honest! So how do I get the bibliography to show up as a page!!? You know, with it’s name in the menu across the top of our blog, next to Fairy Tales in the News?

PPS: Okay, I provided a link in Princess’s email above; that will help until I figure out how to identify the page. SS